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Friday, April 13, 2018

How To Make Money With Google AdSense

Howdy, Readers!!
Today i will explain about what is Google AdSense and how it’s work.
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All About Google AdSense: 
Google launched AdSense program in march 2003.
Google AdSense is a monetization platform network of worlds biggest search engine, we use Google AdSense to monetize our contents via blogs and videos on YouTube.
Almost 90% of blogger and YouTubers are using Google AdSense to monetize their contents and videos to make money online. Google AdSense share 68% revenue for contents monetization and 55% of revenue for YouTube videos. Google AdSense work with PPC (pay per click) ad network and EPC (earning per click), it’s pay only for valid clicks on your website or blog when your Google AdSense earning reach about $100, they send your earning at the end of every month by cheque or wire transfer (Limited Countries Only ).
Google AdSense has strict rules and it is your responsibility as an AdSense publisher to know the rules and regulations.
Note: Before sending any payout/earning, google verify your postal address by sending you a paper with confirmation code, make sure that your provided details are correct (never use any fake address).
AdSense Program Policies
Google AdSense widely used in two type of platform.
Google AdSense For Contents: AdSense for content is used on blogs and Different type of website monetization. Google share 68% of adwords advertisers revenue for content monetization. You can earn more than from content writing because you can place more advertisements on your blogs.
If you want to start earn money with AdSense then start your own personal blog, write unique contents and when you think you are getting enough traffic simply apply for AdSense.
Google AdSense For YouTube: Now-days Google AdSense for YouTube is very famous. Every YouTuber have “Google AdSense” approval for his/her video monetization. If you have any talent to make professional video on YouTube, you can make lot of money from your unique videos by monetization.
Basic requirements to create AdSense account: 
  • Blogs with domain name or website.
  • 2,000+ words on your single page website or more than 5,000+ words on your multi-page website.
  • 1.000 words long 5 articles or 500 words 10 articles but always write more than 500 words articles.
  • Don’t use copy pasted articles.
  • Always write your own articles & check articles plagiarism before publishing.
  • Properly implanted on page SEO on your website or blogs.
  • Contact us & privacy policy page is required.
  • Gmail id or professional email address of your own domain with your valid contact details.
  • You must be 18 years old applying for AdSense account.
How to Signup For AdSense Account: I’ve make a step by step guide with screenshots for “how to sign up for an adsense account (you can read below).How To Signup For an AdSense Account - FlywithPro.comCLICK TO TWEET
  1. Go to Google AdSense Signup Page: Google AdSense Signup.
  2. Right Click on “Sign up Now”

  3. On next page enter your website URL, you email address, check on Yessend me customized help and performance suggestions. Right click on SAVE AND CONTINUE.
    (See screenshot below)
  4. Next step is sign in to your Gmail account. After signing you have to select your country or territory and review carefully Google Adsense terms and conditions. Check on “Yes, I have read and accept the agreement” and right click on create your account.
    (see screenshot below)
  5. After Creating your account with Google Adsense on next page you have to enter your “Payment Address Details” set account type to individual then enter your name and address, (make sure you enter the right address) write your city name, postal code, mobile number and right click on SUBMIT.
    (see screenshot below)

  6. Okay now you have to connect your website to Google Adsense by copy paste the Google Adsense verification code in your site head area or you can use Insert Headers and Footers plugin to insert Adsense verification code into header and footer area. Once you copy paste the Adsense verification code in your website header you need to check on these following options.
    ▪ Show ads as soon as my account is activated. ▪ I’ve pasted the code into my site and right click on Done.
    (see screenshot below)
    You can see below how i insert the Google Adsense verification code in header via Insert Headers and Footers plugin.
  7. You have done it. Now Google check your website if it’s eligible for Adsense you will receive a confirmation email in 24 hours.
I hope this step by step guide will help you if you don’t understand any step you can feel free comment below.
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